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BillionexPro Cloud Mining Data Centers

Our Data Centers

BillionexPro set up its own cloud mining data center farms, which helps companies to run its BillionexPro Automated Mining Platform easily. BillionexPro Invest its investor's money by scaling its datacenter's farms and create more powerful mining solutions to generate more profit at a low cost. BillionexPro Setup its own cloud Mining Data Centers at 3 Locations Russia, London, USA

What Makes BillionexPro Different?
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA

  • Air and Immersion Cooling Technology

  • Robust Seven Zone MultiLayer Protection

  • Cutting-edge Hardware Technology

  • Exceptional Performance at Competitive Price

  • On Time Payout on Hashrate

  • N++2 Power Backup System

About Our Mining Data Centers

Data Center Advantage

BillionxPro owns 3 large area Mining Cloud Mining Data Centers dedicated to Bitcoin and altcoins mining. With our expertise and experts team, we are able to reduce energy consumption while increasing the hashing power of Mining Rigs. Our contracts for electricity are below average market prices. Our cloud mining data centers provide optimal Mining Rigs operating conditions, constant temperature and they are secured and multilayer protected.